RxCe.com was founded to provide high quality continuing education at an affordable price. We have accomplished this through the use of the latest technology and a focus on customer satisfaction.

We hope that through our live webinars, online courses, and certificate programs pharmacists and pharmacy techs can have a high quality, affordable, painless, and educational experience.

About Our Team

Our founders have over 20 years of experience in selling online continuing education and are excited you are here checking out our site.

personWilliam A. Cook, Ph.D. is the director of RxCe.com and is responsible for course development and student support. In addition to his duties at RxCe.com, cnaZone.com, and NHAZone.com, Will also works as a psychologist in private practice.

code William J. Cook, M.S. and Doug Lawrence, M.S. are the Webmasters at RXCE.com. They handle the programming and all other technical aspects of the site. When they're not coding, William and Doug enjoy playing music or going on hikes in the Rocky Mountains.

Please feel free to write us with any suggestions, questions, or comments.