Target Audience: Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician 1.5 Credits Activity Release Date: 3/31/2022 12:00:00 AM Activity Expiration Date: 8/12/2024 12:00:00 AM Pharmacology
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Course Summary
Cannabis sativa is an ancient plant that has been used at different points in history as a valuable commercial crop and for its medicinal properties. Its psycho-neurological effects on the mind and body contribute to its therapeutic properties but they have also led to public health concerns and a perceived danger of marijuana use. In the United States, this conflict has played out over the recent centuries. Marijuana was readily available in the U.S., during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The view of marijuana as a dangerous drug emerged in the U.S., in the 1930s, spurring federal and state regulations that made the use of marijuana and its component parts illegal. These regulations continue today but because of emergent evidence that cannabinoids may have potential health benefits in a wide variety of diseases, many states have enacted laws to permit patients to use marijuana for medical purposes. This has led to a loosening of governmental regulations over marijunana use. On the other side, evidence continues to arise that conflicts with the view that marijunana’s benefits outweigh the risks of its use. A history of marijuana and its medicinal uses, as well as its risk for adverse events, will be discussed in this course.
Course Objectives
  • Describe the varied and evolving federal and state regulations of marijuana.
  • Describe the pharmacology of Cannabis and cannabinoids, including the variations associated with the different routes of administration.
  • Identify the evidence for potential clinical use of marijuana.
  • Compare the benefits and risks of marijuana use.
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Course Syllabus

I.         Introduction

II.         A History of Marijuana Use

III.         Marijuana Use and Regulation in the United States

  1. The Harrison Narcotic Tax Act of 1914
  2. Marihuana Tax Act
  3. The Boggs Act
  4. Controlled Substances Act
  5. State Initiatives to Legalize Marijuana
  6. Conflict Between Federal and State Marijuana Laws
  7. Changing Federal Law
  8. Pending Congressional Action

IV.         Components of Cannabis

      Synthetic Forms

V.         Pharmacokinetics of Cannabis

     Cellular Effects

VI.         Medical Uses for Marijuana

  1. Use of Marijuana to Treat Seizure Disorders
  2. Use of Marijuana to Treat Pain
  3. Use of Marijuana to Treat Cancer

VII.         Adverse Effects Associated with Marijuana Use

VIII.         Challenges and Opportunities

IX.         Summary

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