Target Audience: Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician 1.0 Credits Activity Release Date: 7/7/2021 12:00:00 AM Activity Expiration Date: 7/7/2024 12:00:00 AM Human Trafficking
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Course Summary
Human trafficking is considered a form of modern slavery and it is global in its reach and impact. It is often associated with organized crime but human trafficking can be more localized and include perpetrators who are family, friends, neighbors or employers. Human trafficking more often involves the sexual exploitation of persons and forced labor but other forms of trafficking in persons are also perpetrated. Human trafficking adversely affects a victim’s mental and physical stability, security and well-being. It adversely affects entire communities, commerce, countries and geographical regions. Healthcare professionals are uniquely situated to identify victims of human trafficking through patient contact. Healthcare professionals need to know when and how to report human trafficking and the resources that are available to support victims who have been trafficked.
Course Objectives
  • Identify victims of human trafficking and the role of healthcare providers in identifying potential victims of human trafficking
  • Identify strategies for preventing and increasing awareness of human trafficking
  • Describe how to report known or suspected cases of human trafficking
  • Compare methods of recovery for traumatized individuals of varied age groups, genders and ethnicities
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Course Syllabus

I. Introduction

II. Defining the Scope of Human Trafficking

  1. Prevalence of Human Trafficking Worldwide
  2. Human Trafficking in the U.S.
  3. Risk Factors for Sex/Labor Trafficking in the U.S.

III. Consequences of Human Trafficking

  1. Physical Consequences
  2. Psychological Consequences
  3. Substance Misuse or Dependence
  4. Human Trafficking and Trauma Bonding

 IV. Identifying the Victims of Human Trafficking

      Screening Tools for Victims of Human Trafficking

 V. Reporting Human Trafficking

  1. Florida Mandates and Reporting Requirements
  2. Interdisciplinary Health Team Role in Reporting and Referral
  3. Resources for Victims of Human Trafficking

VI. Resources for Victims of Human Trafficking

VII. Summary

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